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Seasonings That Turn Cooks Into Chefs !
The Flavor History of Ryla's Kitchen

The legendary flavor history of Ryla's Kitchen began on a small ranch in Medina, Texas, growing to one of the largest registered Angus cattle operations in the southwestern United States. Headquartered on the banks of the Medina River west of San Antonio, the annual cattle sales provided the centerpiece for entertaining visitors from all over North America. The families on the ranches contributed their favorite recipes for the homestyle cooling offered after every sale at the main house. Many attended the sales just to participate in the feast that had grown to legendary proportions among the cattle raisers and livestock contractors featuring a variety of entrees... hand-fired mesquite smoked roast beef,  homemade rolls and breads...ranchers would carve all the prime Angus beef they desired.., hog head tamales, ranch style beens, guacamole, fajitas, along with a range of creative sauces, dips, soups, salads, chili and stews..  and other specialties like blackened chicken, grilled pork, sauteed vegetables were in abundant supply. Homemade salsa and specialty toppings were seasoned to perfection.

Today, Ryla's Kitchen using the finest spice ingredients from around the World, brings together this history of homestyle flavors that turn cooks into chefs.
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